The L7 Shutters Las Vegas take about an hour install time for  every window

The Shutters do fit very snug and are very tight 

There are about four colors that these L7 Shutters come in at the time we did them 

When looking for a company in Las Vegas that provides Window Shutters you should always consider a company like Sun Off Shutters of Las Vegas. 

We where always informed about our order and our Las Vegas Shutters rep BEN even came by two weeks later to make sure we where happy and re-checked every Shutters, but they where all perfect. And even now two years later the L7 SHUTTERS LAS VEGAS preform just as good as the dat we got them 

Thank you Sun Off Shutters of Las Vegas 

website for Sun Off Shutters of Las Vegas 

​Phone 702-824-6444

Shutters Las Vegas service by Sun Off Shutters of Las Vegas 

It's not everyday that a company like Rhino Locks goes out of our way to talk about other companies services. So we hope that if your reading this you'll understand how happy Rhino Locks is with the Shutters we had installed in our Las Vegas warehouse. Sun Off Shutters of Las Vegas had sent Ben the service manager to advise us on our Shutters in Las Vegas

The first thing did is explain to us why we should be considering some models rather than the other as Shutters in Las Vegas can take a beating as the heat can kill the Shutters much quicker than most other states. It was also demonstrated to us how the all new electric shutters can make our life easier. The Shutters are called the ''L7 SHUTTERS LAS VEGAS'' these shutters make our job much better and will adjust to the sun automatically. 

The L7 SHUTTERS LAS VEGAS come with a lifetime warranty and need no servicing or any kind of maintenance. But in case your in a hurry be aware that the L7 Shutters Las Vegas take about 4 weeks to come on a special order but are well worth the wait. 

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