Rhino Lock deadbolt guarantee; All Rhino Lock G-series deadbolts come with an anti-pick guarantee for five years that would pay your insurance deductible up to $500.00 an the event a G-series Rhino Lock deadbolt was picked allowing the burglar access through a picking method.

This  guarantee policy is good for five years from date of purchase as long as you meet all the requirements as follows. 

Rhino Lock G-series deadbolt guarantee is void if not purchased and installed by an authorized Rhino Lock dealer. 

Rhino Lock G-series deadbolt guarantee is void if original receipt does not show current home owners name or address, as guarantee is not transferable to another address or person.

Rhino Lock G-series deadbolt guarantee is void if the lock was rekeyed by other than a Rhino Lock authorized dealer. 

The Rhino Lock G-series deadbolt must be in a picked position and verified by a Rhino Lock dealer in order to be considered picked.

Rhino Lock G-series deadbolt guarantee is void if the incident is not reported to a local Rhino Lock authorized dealer within 48 hours of the event discovered. As the lock will be removed and replaced by the authorized dealer and sent to Rhino Locks for evaluation.

Rhino Lock G-series deadbolt guarantee is void if there's no sign of the deadbolt being picked. As a picked lock should be an a unlock position with no key in the keyway. A picture should be taken as soon as possible.

Rhino Lock G-series deadbolt guarantee is void if there's no police report as well as an insurance claim made.

An the event there's a claim made for the anti-pick guarantee founds.

The maximum insurance deductible Rhino Locks would be responsible for would not increase $500.00. This guarantee is in place to assist financially with insurance claim deductibles only. No other guarantees are made or replace the guarantee above policy.

About Our G-Series Deadbolt Guarantee 

About Our Warranty 

Rhino Lock products warranty; All Rhino Lock products must be purchased and installed by an authorized dealer or warranty is void. 

Rhino Lock products come with a true free from manufacture defect limited warranty for ten year. Warranty is not to be prorated during the ten years if purchased and installed by an authorized dealer.

If a Rhino Lock keyway product needs to be rekeyed it must be done by an authorized Rhino Lock dealer. No lubricant is allowed on any Rhino Lock product or the warranty will be void. 




About Our Locks and Products 

 Rhino Locks are designed and engineered by some of the top locksmiths in the field today. Unlike any other major manufacture Rhino Locks uses true locksmiths in the field and implements direct results for what our locksmith engineers see the need for to stop most common problems in the real world of lock security. Rhino Locks uses anything from break in statistics to direct field work to hand pin loading our lock products to help change the odds of our customers security.

We at Rhino Locks take pride in the fact that it takes longer to set up our locks as well as rekey them, and take the pledge to promise our customer that no machine will ever load pins into the chambers of our locks.

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