Amazing Facts About Solar Energy Consumers in Las Vegas. 

Most Las Vegas solar energy systems customers have their power bill go down by 75% or more. 

​In Las Vegas solar energy power is the cheapest source of energy, and is not likely to change for many years to come.

​The U.S. for the time being is the 3rd largest solar energy market in the world. It's companies like SunOn Solar Energy of Las Vegas that are helping us move so our solar energy industry can move up in the ranks.

And now that SunOn Solar Energy of Las Vegas is offering great financing for solar energy power panels in Las Vegas it's likely that many customers are likely to make the move away from conventional power electricity.

​The industry of solar energy panels in Las Vegas is likely to see jobs in the solar industry grow by as much as 250% in the next eight years. Some workers are now making the move from roofers to solar panels installers.

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​When the Las Vegas solar energy consumer purchases solar power in Las Vegas they are helping save up to 35 tons of carbon dioxide and over 70 million barrels of oil each year.

It has been said that ​light travels to the earth from the sun in ten minutes. This means that users of solar energy panels are using power of today to save tomorrow. And lately when you drive around and see how many solar energy systems are in Las Vegas I would say our city is doing a better job than most other cities.

Las Vegas solar energy systems are 70% cheaper than just 15 years ago. And if you keep in mind that the price of energy keeps going up that would make solar energy power panels even more affordable as time goes on. In fact, it's almost to the point that people now are paying more money for electricity for no reason (as long as the home is owned by them and they don't plane on moving for a long time). 

​Let's live by example: If you know that getting a solar energy system in Las Vegas will eliminate you from creating pollution you will show all your neighbors how much you care about your surrounding environment. '' get on solar power and say goodbye to self created pollution''. 

If you purchased a solar energy panels system in Las Vegas from SunOn Solar Energy of Las Vegas your home was evaluated in three different ways. 

1. How much solar energy panels will you need to have if you want to cover the consistent usage. (In some cases Las Vegas solar energy consumers want the solar system to be able to collect enough for all their usage). 

​2. How to place the solar energy system to make the home more electricity efficient. 

​3. Evaluate the proposed solar system properly so the financing monthly payment will cost less than the monthly power bill. 

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Did you know that ten hour of sunlight should be equivalent to a decade worth of power for our earth. This is why solar energy system panels are so helpful when it comes to the go green idea.

​California generates the most solar energy power in the U.S. but it's only because 12% of the U.S. population lives in that state. But if you look at how many people are buying solar energy power systems in Las Vegas it would seem to some of us that by percentage Las Vegas solar energy is either catching up or passing them up. 

Getting solar energy in Las Vegas was difficult in some areas as HOA's at one point made it just about impossible, but now it seems that most are authorizing approvals with proper design that is acceptable. 

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